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Praise Reports
Share with us your stories of praise! For when God answers our prayers and grants miracles in our lives, we all rejoice.

The testimonials and praise reports posted on this site are from real Christians who have given us their permission to post their comments. In cases where an original photo was unavailable, royalty-free stock images have been substituted.
Let us join with you in prayer so that you may receive God's great gifts.
"I'm Ruby i post prayer request 3 months ago about for my baby situation. Just wanna let you know things are doing well. My baby born on may 26 he dont have any problem. Thanks a lot for many prayers my request is very granted and thank god. Thnk you very much."
-Ruby H.
"Thank you soo much. I feel so not myself please keep me in your prayers."
-Christina C., Houston, TX
"When a certain woman saw how my life is so lifted and blessed, I told her it's nothing else but power of prayers from Christian Prayer Center. She is suffering from cancer and she requested, that I inform Christian Prayer Center for her healing."
-Duncan K.
When we ask, Jesus provides. Glory to the Lord, in Him we trust!
"Your prayers are working. My wife is much better than a few days ago and is improving. Many thanks!"
-Ron A., UK
"Please continue to pray for my children and myself. We are witnessing miracles...Thank you Lord..."
Stephanie S., West Virginia
"To God be the Glory! I feel God's presence and his peace. I sense a new chapter has begun in my life and GREATER is coming!"
-Tieneka J.
All those who ask shall receive. Submit your prayer request and we shall pray.
"2 biopsy's returned today from the lab. The one suspected of melanoma was normal! Thank you for all of your prayers!"
-Jeff S.
"I recently received the good news that his healing is in progress and that he is improving daily.Yes I believe in the power of prayer very much. It was found that there was a misdiagnosis of my brother's condition which caused a lot of discomfort for him. However, a second medical opinion and prayers have no doubt solved the problem.I appreciate the prayers of you and your group very much and I wish you all God's Blessings. Thank you all, Yours sincerely in Jesus."
Neville C., Coventry, UK
"I thank you for your prayers I feel like an heavy burden has being lifted"
-Samantha R., St Catherine, Jamaica

When thousands join together in agreement, God hears our prayers.

-Anna O.

"Thank You for you for your prayers. They are appreciated. Bless your ministry."
-Della P.

"Thank you for your prayers My sister, Theresa has improved greatly and is at home now. We are still believing for TOTAL healing. My cousin Jessie in Arizona no longer has any back pain. The doctors could not help him. All the prayers have been answered. God bless you greatly. I am now asking that God will cause the doctors to find that there is NO cancer in my friend's body on June the 18th. Cheryl B. expects to have surgery at that time. Pancreatic, her husband was just completely healed of cancer. We KNOW God can do it again. Jesus healed me of cancer now 20 years ago when I was told here was no hope. I told the doctor, I knew the Master Physician. Thank God, he said he knew Him also. My surgery went well and I am praising God."
-Janice G.

"Thanks again for helping defeat the devil in me, I much more well adjusted and involved in the community. I still make mistakes, to eager and wanting approval are issues to work on. So is forgiveness and forgiving myself!"
-Simon T., New Zealand

"Yes, your prayers are working in my life, please continue to pray for me and my Son, I continue to keep my eyes focused on our father, I ask for prayers that my eyes stay focused on him and my ears hear what he has to say to me, thanks."
-Sherry W., Germantown, IN

"Thank you so very much and God bless you all for all that you do!"
-Anita W.

"My Faith that God will grant me this request is as solid as a rock. Please continue to Lift Diana and Me in Prayer."
-Michael W., Toronto, CA

"Thank you so much for the needed support and prayers. Please continue to keep us in prayer as I thank God for His healing mercies. Yours in Christ."
-Judeth C., Vincent, WI

"Dear Christian Prayer center, Thank you so much for putting my prayer request posted, I have full faith and trust in God in the name of Jesus and the help of my Blessed Mother Mary,I am patient and waiting for those prayers to reach God and answer my miracle request to bring my son Paul Sakal back to life in body spirit and soul fully restaured to finish his life cylcle, have a family and children , I believe this is our purpose to continue life on earth , Please make this happen soon, and I promise to thank you everyday for the rest of my life. Thank you for your prayers, I know I will get my miracle."
-Julie S., Fresh Meadows, NY

"Thank you so very much and God bless you all for all that you do!"
-Anita W.

"Morning greatly appreciate your response . Thank u with every fiber in my body for all of your prayers . When u here of bad things people always respond wish I could have done something..THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART GOD ALMIGHTY HEAR OUR PRAYERS AN BLESS ME WITH THAT MIRACLE. THANK U ALL SO MUCH greatly appreciate it. GOD BLESS. LOVE BIBI."
-Bibi N.

"the Lord is blessing us everyday. I know it is your prayers and my ''strong'' faith God is allowing us to succeed in our business. We have launched our business and even though we still don't have a place to sit up our stand, we are doing ''special'' events and are making money [ thank God ] Please continue your prayers and I will continue to ''Walk by Faith not by sight'' Have a blessed 4th of July. Your prayers are all ways appreciated.!!!"
-Dorothy B., Denver, CO

"God bless you and everyone praying."
-Jim B.

Our prayer warriors stand at the ready to pray for your needs.

"Thank you for your continued prayers and for the last prayer that I requested. And praise the lord for answered prayer. Your prayer center is a blessing to me and God bless you."
-Betty H.

"I want you to know that God has worked a miracle in my son's quest for a job.He recently received a job offer with a offer that is totally awesome!He is happier than I have seen him in years.Thanks so much for your prayers. God Bless You"
-Vera T., McDonough, GA

"It means so much to me to open up my email and see an email from your ministry, just to say we are just checking on you. :-)"
-Anna T., Charlotte, NC

"Would like to thank everyone that prayed for my son. All charges has been dismissed. God Bless All of You"
-Laura J., Dublin, Ireland

"Thank you so much. I will continue to pray and pray for others. I am so glad I found your center. God bless."
-Wendy J., Valley Stream, NY

"Thank you so much, God bless you all!"
-Ayanda M., Johannesburg, SA

"Thank you so much may the Lord bless you all too. "
-Atusaye N.

"I want to thank each and everyone of you who had me and my family in prayer I received good news today that my Son will not be going to prison will probably end up with probation I was jumping up with joy and Thank the Lord and everyone That had us in prayer I have a daughter in jail to her name is Celina she is awaiting sentencing hopefully I hear good news on her to .And I have another daughter that is facing time in prison to she will be getting 3 years in prison unless the Lord turns things around and I have faith it will .Thank you Than You All AMEN !!!!"
-Alice M., Las Cruces, NM

"Thank you so much for the needed support and prayers. Please continue to keep us in prayer as I thank God for His healing mercies. Yours in Christ."
-Judith C., St. Vincent, WI

"Thank you so much. I am believing for a positive answer soon. I am praying for your ministry also. I have been reading the newsletter for a number of years."
-Erelene T.

It is through Him that we find salvation, and He delivers us from evil.

"Please keep praying for me, don't stop please. With your praying and GODS hand I know I will be fine, thank you."
-Vivian G.

"Thank you so much for your continued prayers. My daughter and her husband need prayers to help them in their financial situation. It is such a difficult time for them as they may lose their housing and may have to leave two of my grandchildren with their biological father. I continue to pray that they receive financial support and that Maiya and Winston can also live with my daughter on a permanent basis. This is a difficult time for all. I have adopted a new routine and every morning before I leave for work I read from 2 devotional books. Really helps to a great start to every day. Thank you so much."
-Monique L.

-Anna D.

"Amen...I feel very hopeful."
-Elva F., Los Angeles, CA

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